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About the BIBO express


Your faster, better, bigger unlimited boiling water source.


The BIBO express is instant. Its unlimited. Its boiling water at its best.

Not only compact and beautiful to look at, the BIBO express is cutting edge. It offers a uniquely innovative solution to boiling water, it is safe to use, energy efficient and gentle on the environment. Whats more, it can be wall mounted absolutely anywhere.



The BIBO express2 has a more modern cutting-edge design that does not require an internal hot tank, but rather boils water instantly as it runs through the machine, saving you time, preserving energy and preventing water waste.



The BIBO express2 can withstand high usage, effortlessly offering endless boiling water for offices, pause areas, canteens, waiting rooms, homes, or anywhere really, at 10x more speed than its predecessor.


Bigger and damn good looking

The BIBO express2 is slighter bigger than the original express, but just as sleek and chic, and the ideal statement piece for any space.


Cutting edge

Not only does the BIBO express2 cutting-edge design look good, but it also ensures that youll be cutting power bills too. The BIBO express2 is unique to the market in that it instantly boils water only as needed. That means there is zero waste of water and power



The BIBO express2 is designed with a non-drip function, which has loads of benefits, but also ensures there is no leaking of boiling water. Unlike traditional levers and taps, the BIBO express2  has a lock key that prevents boiling water from pouring unless you choose to unlock it.



The BIBO express2 only boils the water you need, instantly, making it energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Shed the load with the BIBO express2. The country will thank you.


Any wall, anywhere

One of the unsurpassed benefits of the BIBO express2 is that you can place it anywhere. With its non-drip function means there is no need for it to be placed on top of a sink or drainage system. It is simply wall-mounted and easily installed for your convenience.


1 year warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee or


BIBO optional extras (Prices may fluctuate, therefore contact us directly to order)

a. Purchase an additional 2 year extended warranty for R 1 679.00
b. Installation - R 1 041.00


Water Express - BIBO - boils water | kettle - White

SKU: BE022
R4 999,00Price
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