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BIBO Water bar

The BIBO bar is the next generation in water purification and dispensing. With just a touch of a button, gain instant access to both ice cold and boiling hot water. Our BIBO bar is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and incredibly stylish, making it the perfect addition to any home or office.


It’s Healthy and Safe

The BIBO bar provides pure, healthy and great tasting water, using the very latest in water filtration and purification. It’s healthy to drink and safe to touch with an added child lock protection, making it easier for the whole family to enjoy. The BIBO zapper purification system makes the water from the BIBO bar completely clean, eliminating any need to sterilize baby bottles.


It’s Customizable

We all like our drinks served differently, and we at BIBO understand that. That’s why with the BIBO bar, you have the option to set your temperature of choice with both hot and cold drinks, helping make your life that much easier. The BIBO bar also allows you to pre-set your quantity of choice, enabling you to decide just how much water to dispense.


It’s Green

The BIBO bar is more energy efficient than a kettle, and can be made even more so with the use of the available sleep modes. Using a BIBO bar will also help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and by minimizing the use of plastic bottles.


BIBO bar at home

· Completely pure, healthy & great tasting – BIBO bar uses the latest technology in water filtration and purification, leaving all the essential minerals in your water.

· Unlimited – Avoid paying extra, reloading and storing drums full of filtered water as the BIBO bar plumbs directly into your mains.

· Instant boiling and chilled – You and your family will drink more, as it’s easy, fun, dispenses at your pre-set temperature of choice and is perfectly safe for children.

· Energy efficient – More energy efficient than a kettle and one can also make use of the sleep modes available.

· Environmentally friendly – Help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and minimize the use of plastic bottles.


BIBO bar at the office

· Avoid paying extra – Bottle your own water at your office and avoid paying extra for drums full of filtered water or having to replace burnt out urns.

· Convenience – Position your BIBO bar anywhere in your office. It doesn’t have to be near a water source.

· Energy efficient – Save electricity with the BIBO bar by cutting down on re-boiling the same water many times per day.

· Environmentally friendly – Help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing the use of plastic bottles.

· Water conservation – The BIBO bar won’t let you waste a single drop of water.


BIBO bar and your baby

· Sterilized – The water from your BIBO bar is completely pure, enhanced by the BIBO zapper purification system that makes it extremely healthy for you and your baby.

· Pre-set temperatures – Set the temperature of choice that you require for you and your baby with the touch of a button.

· Pre-set quantities – Set your quantity of choice.

· Instant – No more waiting for the water to boil and cool down.

· Safe – With the child lock option, your BIBO bar is perfectly safe for children


1 year warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee or


BIBO optional extras (Prices may fluctuate, therefore contact us directly to order)

a. Purchase an additional 2 year extended warranty for R 1 679.00
b. Installation - R 1 041.00

c. BIBO Classic Filter Packs - R 1 570.00

Water Bar - BIBO - filter | kettle | water cooler - Classic Red

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