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MY BEST FRIEND | MBF Model 2 | Gas Rotisserie |  Stainless Steel Spit Braai

Take your cooking outdoors and enjoy the ultimate outdoor kitchen appliance that will enhance every meal you make. Cook a delicious meal with this versatile gas rotisserie.

Whether it be a leg of lamb, pork belly or a stuffed chicken with delicious vegetables in the roasting tray, this rotisserie is sure to deliver tasty dishes every time!


The MBF Model 2 Gas Rotisserie is an upgraded, large-scale rotisserie, perfect for catering or grand events. Boasting dual gas burners, it delivers even, consistent heat for flawless roasting every time.  This rotisserie comes equipped with a skewer featuring sturdy prongs, designed to securely hold larger cuts of meat or poultry. Powered by an electric motor, the skewer provides a steady rotation, ensuring uniform cooking and perfect results with every use.

A standout feature of the Model 2 is its deep basket, capable of accommodating up to five large chickens or substantial meat cuts. This significantly increases the rotisserie’s capacity, making it an excellent choice for those catering to a large crowd.  With its robust construction and high-performance capabilities, the MBF Model 2 Gas Rotisserie is an invaluable tool for any professional caterer or event host seeking a reliable, efficient, and powerful rotisserie solution.


Constructed of 430 food-grade stainless steel with a large glass-filled nylon handle and firmly supported by four removable stainless steel legs. Full 304 Stainless Steel Baskets.


Features a compact rotisserie area and a slide-out vegetable / gravy tray.  The tray comes with a drainage plug to collect all the meat jus for delicious sauces.  The gas burner spreads the heat evenly and the additional top air vent helps to regulate the temperature.  The electric operated motor turns up to 12 kg in the rotisserie.


My Best Friend Rotisserie comes with a locking latch, a large front handle, and 9kg net weight, which makes it easy to carry around for camping, picnics, or anywhere your travels take you.



  • Portable MBF Gas Rotisserie with vegetable tray
  • Stainless Steel Deep Basket – ideal for up to 5 large chickens, roasts or bigger meat cuts.  The adjustable top grid accommodates different meat cuts and sizes
  • Stainless Steel rotisserie rod with adjustable prongs
  • 2 X Gas burner 2250kcal / hour
  • 220v Electric Rotisserie Motor
  • Low pressure LPG regulator with gas hose and a flame adjustment control valve



To clean the rotisserie, remove any grease or grime from the unit by using soapy water or any nonabrasive product and a soft cloth or sponge.

  • Take care not to spill the cleaning product directly on the burner’s perforated surface.
  •  Never use abrasive products that could scratch the stainless steel surfaces. The quality of your roasts depend on the cleanliness of your rotisserie.



Standard 1 YEAR warranty against defective  materials and poor workmanship on receipt of your purchase.



Each unit is uniquely crafted for you.Therfore our waiting period is a maximum of 15 working days from order.


MY BEST FRIEND - MBF Model 2 Gas Rotisserie - Stainless Steel

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