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The large meat fork with two sturdy tines, with its length of 18 cm, is ideal for holding and lifting pieces of meat when carving and turning meat. Like all kitchen gadgets from the PROFESSIONAL "S" series, it is made of high-quality steel. In order to be able to handle the meat fork properly for a long time, an ergonomically shaped plastic handle was used. This is made in a 3-rivet design with a continuous tang. To prevent slipping from the handle to the fork, a slight goiter was used. This also ensures the optimal balance and has no annoying edges, so that no dirt can settle there. This also makes cleaning the device easier. A meat fork should not be missing in any household that likes to eat good meat.



  • Ergonomic plastic handle: For fatigue-free and safe work
  • Specially shaped fork tips for easy handling
  • Seamless transition between handle and front part
  • Stainless steel
  • Classic look thanks to the 3-rivet design of the handle  
  • Made in Germany


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Carving Fork - ZWILLING - PRO S - Meat Carving fork 18cm

SKU: ZW-31023-181
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