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Baths- B SERIES - Freestanding Oval Bath- Solid Composite



Handcrafted in the factory,these Freestanding Oval baths are gorgeous.

**Soft Matt Satin Finish

**Comfortably proportioned.

**Black and Grey have Matt outsides and Gloss insides.



Overall ( L x W x H): 1595 x 520 x 738mm



**Chrome waste included.

**Please note that should you want a brushed gold,blackened brass or brass bath waste you need to click on it and add to cart.



**If not in stock, 5-15  working days from date of order

**Please note that Delivery within the Johannesburg area is included. Delivery elsewhere calculated on checkout.



Many of our sinks,basins and baths are manufactured from a solid composite compound. This is a durable product less prone to chipping or cracking than ceramic. They will not stain with regular use and only require occasional cleaning with Handy Andy and a scotchbright pad.


Our composite baths are ideal for bathrooms. They are available in white,grey and black ( Or any colour of your choosing on order) and can be finished in matt or gloss. Dark colours can be polished with Mr Min or even Q20.


White gloss composite baths in bathroom areas can cleaned annually with Brasso or Silvero to maintain there shine and polished appearance.

Unlike ceramic, solid composite allows for the manufacture of large straight baths as well. This means we're able to custom make baths to custom shapes. If you'd like to enquire about custom pieces, please feel free to get into contact with us under " ENQUIRIES" on the Home Page.



Extremely hot items, such as hair dryers, cigarettes or glowing hot frying pans should be kept away from composite baths.

Baths- B SERIES - Freestanding Oval Bath - Solid Composite

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