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The Santoku knife from the PROFESSIONAL "S" series is characterized by a particularly high quality. Originally from Japan, it is a relatively new invention. The Japanese knife manufacturers developed it when the meat became more and more popular on the menu of the Asian people. The traditional Japanese knives were mainly suitable for cutting fish and vegetables. The Santoku knife, however, is even more diverse. It combines the good cutting properties for the ingredients mentioned, but it is also easy to cut meat. Therefore, it is the Japanese form of the all-purpose knife. The characteristic features of this knife are that the upper edge of the blade is in line with the handle. Since the handle is also quite thin, the fingers have a lot of space to grip. The steel used is made of a special alloy that is extremely hard, but still flexible. Refining the FRIODUR® blade with ice hardening also improves the properties of the knife. The material can be ground very precisely, so that the blade is extremely sharp. This way, a clean cut is effortless. The continuous steel from the tip to the handle also ensures a long service life. With the Santoku knife from ZWILLING you can prepare exciting Far Eastern dishes without great effort and surprise your guests with completely new flavors.



  • FRIODUR® ice-hardened blade for particularly long edge durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Special stainless steel, ZWILLING special melt: These knives are stable, corrosion-resistant and flexible at the same time.
  • SIGMAFORGE® knife - forged from one piece
  • Seamless transition between handle and blade.
  • Ergonomic plastic handle with three rivets design: For fatigue-free and safe working with the knife.                                                                                       Made in Germany


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Knives - ZWILLING - PRO S - Santoku Knife 18cm

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