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BOSCH - Compact toaster MyMoment

Choose between Black,White or Deep Red




BPA-free plastic parts for healthy and safe preparation.

Enjoy preparation with peace of mind! All plastic components that may come into contact with food or beverages are BPA-free. Thanks to BPA-free plastics, food and beverage preparation is guaranteed healthy, safe and comfortable.


The perfect breakfast time is reserved for you: Foldable bun warmer to save space

Toast more pastries and save space! The bun warmer is more stable and versatile than a conventional fold-out bun warmer and this way more kinds of pastries will fit on it. After use, it can be easily detached and folded flat so that it can be stored easily e.g. in a kitchen drawer.


For a weekend feeling during the week.

Most people like a really nice breakfast at the weekend. What would it be like if you could experience a short weekend moment during the week? The defrost and warm-up setting doesn't just thaw your bread, it also crisps it up – as if it were fresh from the bakery.


No worries – just enjoy your breakfast.

You know the situation. Breakfast can be hectic. With the automatic shutoff you are on the safe side, as the toaster automatically switches off when bread gets stuck inside. All you have to worry about is the topping on your toast.


No more burnt fingers while toasting.

Sometimes you just want to toast a piece of bread to make even a small breakfast special. But with most toasters this is quite a fumble. You don't have the problem with a highlift. It pushes the bread so far up that you don't burn your fingers.


The perfect toast is waiting just for you.

Sometimes you have this picture in your head – of an absolutely evenly toasted piece of golden brown bread. And then the result is not as expected. When you own a toaster with automatic centring, it gives you exactly the toast you want. The bread is automatically centred and ensures even toasting.


  •  Defrost and warm-up setting: defreezes your toast and makes it crunchy
  •  Detachable and foldable bun warmer: Toast more pastries on the versatile and stable bun warmer
  •  High lift for the easy removal of small slices
  • Easy to access crumb tray:   As the crumb tray is in the front, you can remove it for cleaning easily.
  •  Automatic shutoff: stops the toaster when the bread gets stuck
  • Cord keeper Cable housing
  • Toasting degree selector : Inf. variable rotary control
  • Retoasting function : Yes



  • Dimensions : 207 x 293 x 175 mm
  • Length electrical supply cord : 100.0 cm
  • Type of control setting and signalling devices : Separate stop button, Start integr in bread lift
  • Type of control : Thermostat, Timer
  • Heating type : Large-surface heating element

BOSCH - Compact toaster MyMoment

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