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* Smart Grill - SWAN - Stealth Range


Enjoy healthier versions of your favourite foods with the Swan Stealth Smart Grill. It cooks a wide range of foods quickly, evenly, and with little to no oil needed and is specially designed so that the fat easily slides away, reducing unwanted calories. This Swan Stealth Smart Grill is ideal for the health conscious and is perfect for any kitchen or workplace as it neatly fits on any countertop thanks to the sleek and streamlined design, and compliments any colour scheme thanks to the luxurious matt black finish. Its generous size makes it ideal for cooking weeknight meals for you or the whole family, preparing lunches in the office, or meal prepping. The clever floating hinge mechanism ensures it can be opened wide enough to fit thicker foods like large steaks or grilled sandwiches.

This smart grill comes with a handful of helpful settings including handy built-in sensors which cleverly adapt the cooking settings on the grill based on the thickness and the size of the food that you're cooking, ensuring the perfect cook and preventing burning. Ideal for those looking for a healthy and convenient way to cook a range of different foods, as the ergonomically designed non-stick grill plates cook food with little to no oil needed, and even collects excess oil which is drained away. Comes with a range of pre-set automatic cooking functions for quickly and easily cooking a range of different foods, with a simple push of a button. Cook a range of foods from chicken breasts, burgers and bacon, to fresh salmon and juicy steaks, as well as chargrilled veg, halloumi, and so much more, making it the perfect appliance for any on-the-go people who are looking for a quick way to cook healthy, delicious foods.



  • A healthy way to cook a range of different foods
  • Smart sensors automatically adapt cooking time based on thickness
  • Provides the perfect even cook and prevents burning
  • Comes with a range of pre-set cooking options
  • Innovative contact grill allows you to be in control
  • Low-fat low-calorie cooking using little to no oil
  • Clever hinged design opens wide to cook a range of food
  • Adjustable cooking settings whilst in use
  • Detachable dishwasher safe grill plates for easy cleaning
  • Stylish and sleek streamlined all-black design


* This item is a special UK Import and carries a 10-15 working day delivery period.

* Smart Grill - SWAN - Stealth Range

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