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Cast Iron Cocottes - STAUB - 24cm or 28cm - Round - Truffle White


STAUB originates from Alsace in France. This region is famous worldwide for its culinary tradition and good food. STAUB specialises in traditional cast iron and ceramic cookware for home cooks and professionals who are looking for an authentic, emotional cooking and taste experience.


STAUB products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Legendary restaurateurs from all over the world value the high quality of STAUB cookware. This is why STAUB is not only used in the kitchen of prestigious restaurants, but also finds a home in the domestic kitchen as amateur chefs and home cooks prepare, cook and serve at the dining table with STAUB.


Offering you the best in authentic craftsmanship:-


STAUB Cast iron cookware has been used for centuries and still has a place in today’s kitchen due to its unique characteristics:


  • Ingredients retain their nutritional value and the full intensity of their flavor
  • One of the materials that retains heat best, diffuses it slowly and distributes it absolutely evenly
  • Once it is hot, its heat retention properties allow you to turn the heat down to a minimum for gentle simmering and reduced energy consumption
  • It stays hot for 20 minutes after turning off the heat source or serving at the table
  • Cast iron also retains cold: refrigerate before serving and your dish will remain cool at the table
  • Enamel, which is made mainly of glass, is extremely durable
  • Compatible with all heat sources


Taste the excellence of aroma rain by STAUB!

Due to the superior construction of Staub cocotte lids, less moisture can escape during the cooking process. 10% more moisture than in products from competitors is retained inside the Staub cocotte after 55 minutes cooking time*The aroma rain created by spikes distributed over the whole inside flat lid ensures the circulation of flavors while cooking.  The Staub lid is 9 times more effective than conventional lids**


  • Aroma rain: substantial weight of the flat lid with special spikes result in excellent moisture retention and even distribution for continuous simmering
  • The ergonomic brass or nickel-plated knob can withstand 250°C (500°F)
  • The lid features a raised rim to serve as spoon rest or hold ice cubes - a special technique to enhance internal condensation during cooking
  • The unique handle design ensures a secure and comfortable grip


Matt Black Interior

  • Pot interiors are enameled with a matte black finish
  • High-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks and scratching
  • Ideal properties for searing, roasting and caramelizing
  • Favored by renowned chefs and people who love to cook
  • Easy to clean and convenient to use



Size: 24cm

Litres: 3.8

Quarts: 3.3

Height: 15.3cm

Weight: 4.6kg




Size: 28cm

Litres: 6.7

Quarts: 6

Height: 18.2cm

Weight: 7kg


Cast Iron Cocottes - STAUB - 24cm or 28cm - Round - Truffle White

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